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Pikmira is an innovative project with elements of social networks, based on the author's methods of rating calculation objects, personalities, events surrounding us. The project is based on the principle of "there is no more objective assessment than the sum of the subjective assessments.“ The site provides users with a flexible system for creating ratings of anything. However, other users can participate in these ratings, making amendments and voting for certain positions. This system allow project to give a quick answer "what is better?" to end-user. It may relate to any object of the material world, from a movie to a vacuum cleaner.


Project is based on an innovative calculating system of the ranking values, which is determined by the object popularity among visitors. Hereby popularity is measured based on users activity (votes, views, comments, likes) on each object. The project motivates users to develop and keep information on their sites up to date by paying users money for rotating ads on the pages. Ratings and objects market is an additional incentive for users. In this market users can sell their objects and earn money.


The extensive use of AJAX technology allowed to create fast and easy interface of the site with a minimum ofpage reloads. User's activity generates a large flow of messages. To control this flow we developed a special software module - Email queue - to implement control over mail queue, dispatch priority, division letters to be sent immediately or after queuing. Daily ratings of objects are calculated by complex mathematical formulas. Processing large amounts of data required considerable work on optimizing the code. Changes in facilities conveniently presents in graphical form using Google Visualization. The use of Matotest technology significantly facilitates moderator’s job. This technology does the most of the user's inputs moderation automatically. Relevant search through data on the site is implemented by using Sphinx technology.
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